Tired… of winter

It’s been a long winter (I know, I know, there are still 2 months left) of sickness after sickness for these kids and for us. So far, collectively we have had: RSV, ear infections, pink eye, multiple nasty viruses, stomach bugs, sinus infections & colds.

I try to be as natural as possible, I diffuse essential oils and try not to use a lot of chemicals but I have had to bust out the bleach and the lysol a lot this winter. 

I’m looking forward to us all being healthy again and warmer weather so we aren’t cooped up in this little cabin all day. 

The winter sure is pretty though…


Cabin creatures 

Meet Buckshot (Buck for short)our boxer! We have had him 2 years and he’s a good boy! He loves running our property and he’s a big baby! 

We also have a “Mini Pig” that we adopted named Wilma! She also loves to roam around the yard and she loves the kids and Buck! 

We have some chickens too!

A little about me

I am a stay at home mom for 3 beautiful little kids, 2 girls who are the best of friends and we added a little boy to our family this year! My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years! We bought this little cabin 3 years ago and we’ve been slowly making it our own. We LOVE it here. I love fashion (I live in Lularoe and you can expect to see what kind of outfits I put together using different Lula pieces), art and design (I like to paint, and woodburn and I’m prettt crafty), interior design, and I’m just getting into health and fitness now that I am done having babies!